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So I have a secret that I've been trying to keep well-hidden for a while now, but I think it's finally time to divulge it. Are you ready? There are other sites like this one. And not only are they also full of music reviews, but they're better-written, more comprehensive, and all-around superior!

Sounds great, right? Here they are.

Currently active websites:

Only Solitaire: Latest Music Reviews from George Starostin

John McFerrin's Rock & Prog Reviews

Sheep Songs

Creative Noise

Don Ignacio's Music Reviews

Disclaimer Music Review Archive

Adrian's Album Reviews

Inactive websites:

Prindle Rock & Roll Record Review Site

George Starostin's Rock & Pop Reviews

They're just some of my favourites, but there are a whole lot more that are great too. Full list of WRC sites. A lot of the sites have technically been taken down off the Internet now, but there are ways. I'm not telling you what those ways are. But if you know them, I would recommend Capn Marvel and Useless Brad and Music Junkies Anonymous.

If you want to talk to some strange people who know a few things about music; Music Babble. It is allegedly "the faggiest goddamned place on the internet". That is the kind of people that frequent the site; people who say things like that.

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