Q: What made you decide to start up this blog?
A: To get better at writing. To put my thoughts into words and say why I like a song, rather than just saying that I like it. To prove that I can stick at something. To hopefully introduce people to new music and to share opinions with people who are actually interested. To actually have something to show for an obsessive hobby.

Q: What are your credentials? Like, do you play any instruments, and have you ever written a song?
A: I take singing lessons, and I’ve also taken more general music lessons in the past. I was an assistant in a children’s music class for a while, and I’ve been writing songs since I was about eight – in fact, I wrote one a couple of weeks ago called ‘Every Wednesday’ that I’m rather proud of.

Update 20/9/12: I've also started learning the guitar! At the time of writing I can play seven different chords, and all of them hurt my fingers.

Q: Well, have you ever recorded these songs, so I can see if they’re any good?
A: I have recorded three original songs! They are freely available on the Internet and you can look for them if you want. Fair warning though; you will never find them.

Q: I think your reviews suck. What should I do?
A: You’re in good company there – I think my reviews suck too. Now, I believe in freedom of speech, so you have every right to tell me I suck. However, I also suffer from self esteem issues, so I’d rather you phrased it as constructive criticism.

Q: How did you come up with your awesome blog title?
A: Sadly, I didn’t. All credit for the title goes to my friend Jules, who is good with puns.

Q: How are these questions frequently asked when you just started the site?

A: They’re not. It’s just a more interesting way for me to get information across to you. I hope to one day have some genuine frequently asked questions.

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