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My name is Rose and I love to read music reviews. A few people have told me, independently, that this means I might also love writing music reviews. This is me, trying to test out whether there is any truth in that statement. (Spoiler alert: I already wrote the first few and there is.)
So, a little about what this place will be so you can decide whether you want to stick around.
90% album reviews, with ratings (see rating scale.) I’ll pick bands or artists that I like, or you can request some, and I’ll review all or part of their discography. If I just do part, I’ll try to make it a period of their existence (eg. everything released 1969-76) rather than picking random, sporadic albums. (This clause mostly so I can one day review Brian Eno’s song based albums without the ambient stuff. Although I’m not going to review any solo artist until I’ve covered the band they came from, unless the band were a really minor footnote.) Reviews will vary in length, style and probably quality. They’ll be based on my opinions but at the same time I’ll do my best to be fair and objective.
10% other stuff. Occasionally I might review an individual song, if it’s not on an album, or an EP. I’ll also review concerts that I go to, although I don’t go to anywhere near as many as I might like. Possibly the occasional rock documentary or biography will find its way here. And if there’s any interesting news in the world of rock music, I may post my thoughts on that.
Genres: My tastes tend shamelessly towards the artier side of rock – the prog, the psychedelia, the symphonic, the space rock and the experimental – although this is by no means exclusive. I do like and will review a good deal of indie, hard rock, pop, metal and even punk. To date, I’ve never heard any rap or hip-hop music I like, but maybe it’s out there.
Time periods: Everything from the 1960s to the 2010s, with a vague plan to cover the Fifties at some point in the future.
What I won’t review: Anything that’s not related to music (even when the new episodes of CSI get released – and I love that show), classical or jazz albums (because I would have no clue where to start writing a review of them), compilation albums where a variety of different bands feature (unless somebody buys me the Nuggets compilation. I’d totally review that)

Update times: It’s summer and I’m around/away sporadically so I’ll post when I post. However, in September I’ll try to get into a routine and have regular days when new reviews appear.

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  1. the only way to truly become a great reviewer is to review the fall